How Do I Upload Photos From My Motorola Cell Phone To My Windows Vista PC With My USB Cord?


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When you connect your Motorola cell phone to the computer with the help of USB cable, a new drive letter appear in "My Computer" option. Open that drive letter like (D,E,F). Open the images and photos, select and right click copy and paste whenever you want to save like desktop.
If you are not able to open the Drive or not detect your phone then you need to install Motorola cell phone driver software. Driver software disc comes with Cell phone.
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Not quite. With a Motorola Razr v3, for example, no drive letter appears when you connect the cell phone via USB to your computer, even with the latest driver software installed. Want to copy pictures to your PC? It is going to cost you. You can either send the photos from your cell phone to your email address (T-Mobile charges 20 cents per photo) or spend $50 to buy Motorola Phone Tools software.
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Upload saved pictures from my motorola ceo 168 camera cell phone to hp pavilion laptop

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