I Want To Download Music To My Phones Using Usb Cords How Do I Do It?


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You can transfer music to your phones using USB cords. When using a computer, it treats the phone as an external hard drive and this makes it easy to add some music files which are compatible with files supported by your phone using the phone’s basic steps.

First though, you need to have a phone and a USB cord that is compatible with your phone.

In order to download music to your phone using USB cords, you have to switch the phone by connecting it to a PC or source with USB ports. The ports must be compatible with your phone so make sure that you look into this before starting off.

Windows explorer should be opened, then navigate to where the phones contents are stored. Once the phone is recognized, a dialog box is opened. In order to view the files, click on the OK button.

There are some phones that have folders for music and in case yours does not, you can create a new folder

Drag and drop the desired music files to the new folder. Create some sub folders for categorizing the music files as desired. This can either be in terms of artists, songs desired and albums. In order to ensure you have received all the necessary files, wait till certain the transfer is complete.

Once done, disconnect the USB cords as well as the computer. At this point, you will see a safety removal button which is at the right side of the phone. Select the command and unplug the USB cord from the phone.

From there, you can listen to the new downloaded music using your phone.

With these basic steps, it is considerably easy for you to download music to your phone using USB cords and enjoy a variety of music options at your own convenience.
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1. Plug in your phone
2. It should come up with auto play
3. It will have lots of options click windows media player
4. It will come up with a black screen
5.Put in a CD of your choice
6. Then it should come up with the names of the songs
7. At the top there should be a bar of choices one should be burn click that and it should burn
If it doesnt work I'm very sorry there were lots of questions and help me so I tried my best
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By mobango thats were you can get songs to your phone
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You can't. The only way it's to but them. If you have boost mobile you can't even do that.

This is because so far (as of 6/22/09) there are NO DRIVERS for this model. Which means that this phone will never be able to communicate with a computer.
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Connect the cell phone and computer with a data cable and install the cell phone PC suite software and browse your cell phone through this software; you will get this job done easily.
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I have a samsung too.You need to go into your settings and go into phone settings on go on PC connections and then there should be a list of options; Ask on connection, Samsung PC studio,Media Player and Mass storage.
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Music can be transferred to a phone simply by using a USB cord. Most phones these days have a special slot for the USB cable. All computers have USB ports into which one end of the USB cable connects. When this is done while the computer is switched on the computer will prompt the user regarding the availability of a hardware device. The music files required can then be selected and transferred to the phone.

Each file takes a few seconds to transfer and one of the simplest audio formats is mp3. Music can also be downloaded directly to a mobile phone with the use of GPRS. But this process is far more time consuming and expensive as each music file can cost ninety nine cents.

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