How Do I Download Free Music To My Mobile Phone?


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First you have to make sure that the phone can store music. The wireless service on the phone works the same as surfing on the web. You have to look for legal, free music download websites, sign up and begin downloading. However, before signing up, you have to make sure that the website supports downloading to a cell phone as well.

Some of the most popular locations to download free music to a mobile phone are:,,

Another way to download music to your mobile phone is by obtaining music that has been downloaded to a computer. If the phone is able to connect to a home computer, the music can be downloaded from there. A CD should have been included with the phone to make this possible. Insert the CD and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the software installation. In order to connect your phone to the computer usually you will need a USB or a firewire connection. Open the software that was installed and begin downloading music to the cell phone.

A third way of downloading music to a cell phone is by utilizing Bluetooth technology to download music from a home computer. First you need to make sure that the cell phone and computer are Bluetooth enabled. If you are uncertain you can consult the users’ manual of both for verification. Once enabled, you can wirelessly transfer the music from the home computer to the cell phone.

If you own a smart phone or an android phone such as iPhone, Blackberry or HTC you can make use of special apps for downloading music. Some of the apps are completely free and others might require you to pay a small amount of money.
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I want to download free music here in pc for my mobile phone.but I don't know how pls help me
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Well if it is vodafone you can go to waptrick.
But if it is telecom I have no idea.
However some telecoms have usb connectors for the transfering of photos to the computer or from the computer to the phone maybe the idea of that accessorie may be an option for you.
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What is your phone exactly ? Just connect it using bluetooth, cable, or infrared, whatever that accessories/feature available in your phone.
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