How Do I Download Music From My PC To My Motorola RAZRV3x Mobile Telephone?


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Well along with the Motorola RAZR V3 you generally get a cable, which is known as Data Cable, and a drivers CD which will need to install to configure the cable. This cable is used to transfer, music, pictures, etc. This cable is also often used to transfer software's.

Motorola RAZR basically is a thin clamshell mobile camera phone manufactured by Motorola. At the time of its launch Motorola RAZR was thought to be an exclusive fashion phone, because of its extreme prices.

The product development of the Motorola RAZR was started in July 2003, with sales starting in the year 2004. During 2005 Motorola stated that the RAZR V3 was the most well-liked clamshell, something which is attributed towards its looks and sleek design.
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You can use a bluetooth device or get a cable for your phone

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