How Do I Download Pictures From My Phone (motorola V3) To My Computer?


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Mehboob Khan Afridi Profile
There are many means of communication between a Cell and PC. Some of them are listed below.
1. Cable Connection
2. Infrared Bridge
3. Bluetooth
If you have any of the medium listed above, you are able to link your computer to your Mobile Set and will act the same as your local Drive except connecting via GPRS. As far as my own experience is concerned, Motorola V3 has the "Bluetooth" facility, which enables you to connect your Mobile wirelessly to computer using Bluetooth. This way you can play with your system within range of 100 meters. As you have Motorola V3 you only need to buy a Bluetooth device easily available in the market for round about $15 – $20 along with its driver. You simply install the driver and plug the Bluetooth device in your system and Turn on / Activate some will appear in the blue tooth application you have just installed. Start searching for bluetooth devices and it will find all devices using bloothing and currently activated. This is necessary to activate your Mobile's Blutooth before searching from computer. This can be done by pointing to the bluethooth in your Mobile set and activate it. When the computer found you Mobile, now you can have access to your picture, videos etc just the same way as you have in your local Hard Drive.
Wish you good luck.

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