How Do I Download Pictures From My Computer To A Memory Stick?


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There are different ways to download pictures to a memory stick, and this depends on your computer operating system and the memory stick formatting. If you have a Mac running OSx then you may find you need a MSDOS formatted memory stick (this is the equivalent of FAT / FAT32 on Windows machines).
If you are running a Windows machines memory sticks are normally formatted so they work well with your computer. Plug the memory stick into a USB port (normally found on the front or rear of your desktop, or the side of a laptop) and wait for a few second. Then open up "My Computer" from the start menu and you should see a removable disk icon appear. This is your memory stick drive. In another window find the photos you wish to download to the memory stick. Select them all and then hold Ctrl + C to copy them. Change to the removable disk window and press Ctrl + V. Then a new pop-up window will be displayed showing the progress of the copy. You can then remove the memory stick and your photos will be there.

The start of the process of a Mac is the same. Insert it into a USB port and wait. On your desktop a icon will appear. This is your memory stick drive. Again, find you photos and hold Ctrl + C to copy them. Double click the removable disk icon and press Ctrl + V. A new window will be displayed in finder showing the progress of the copy. You can then remove the memory stick and your photos will be there.
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The easiest way is this: Select the photos on your computer. Right click on the and select "Send To" . . . Your stick should be at the bottom of the list. Select that and the photos will be copied.

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You can download the pics to a folder and save on the desktop or in my documents.
Insert stick in slot and wait for computer to read the new hardware. (remember what letter the file has been labeled..example D drive...E drive
go back to desktop icon file and open up file where the pics you saved are.
Then go to upper left corner, click file and file on to memory stick drive.
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Click on "My Documents" Icon from your Desktop. Open up the folder where you stored the pics. Insert your Memory Stick into the slot designated for it on the computer (usually at the bottom). If your pics were individually downloaded, right click on one pic at time, go to "send to" (it opens up to give a selection of where you want your pics to be sent to), scroll down to "removable disk E or F", then click. It downloads in a flash, then move to the next pic to be downloaded and so on and so on until you are done. This way allows you to select which pics you want without having to download everything else. I hope this helps!
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It is very simple, You just plug in the memory stick and then choose the folder or drive where you have placed the pictures. Just copy and paste to your memory stick and you are done.
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Thank you but for someone who is NOT au fait with computers I dont know what you are talking about when you mention COPY and PASTE. Some of us have not been brought up with computers. Theres a LOT of us out there. Yours Mr H Peacock
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You stick it in then click on the icon at the bottom of the page then click properties
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For transferring anything from the computer to mobile or from mobile to computer, you need to have data cable for that. You can buy data cable for your mobile set from the place where you had bought your cell phone or from any nearby market place. After you have got data cable, install the drivers if required. Plug the one plug of data cable in computer PC in the port where you can put USBs and flash drives and plug the other port in cell phone. A window will open and your all mobile memory contents will be displayed on your computer screen. You can copy paste pictures, ringtones, files etc to your memory card.
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OK, the socket you're looking for is probably on the back of your computer tower, the actual part of your computer that you put CDs or other disks into, tho some do have them on the front as well.  It should look like this.  If you find the socket, and your cable won't go in, don't force it - you probably have it the wrong way around.

It's possible of course that your computer *doesn't have* any USB sockets, if it's a bit on the old side.  If you can advise what make & model your computer is, I might be able to find out for you if it even has USB.  If it doesn't you're going to have to pay for someone to install a USB expansion card into it, if it can have one.
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The USB plugs in directly to your computer itself - not the modem or router. If there are no USB ports on the sides or back, check the front. Many computers have a fake door or a flap on the front that you lift up and then you'll see USB ports.

Once plugged in, turn on the camera and your photoshop program should automatically detect the photos and begin. If it does not, you may have to check your camera box for the CD to install the program. If there is no CD (I've lost a couple myself over the years), then go to the camera makers website and look for downloads. You should be able to download their (current) router and go from there.

Good luck! Hope they turn out great.
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There are (sometimes color code on the cable) coding in the plug. Match that with the possibilities in your computer - the goal is to get the computer and other technology that you have there to communicate and connected with each other.

Try all the plugs - you will not waste all your day not finding one. Don't be impatient - I know you can't wait till this work but you have to be patient or else go to the store where you bought it from as ask someone to help you then pay a whole lot of money - then you didn't learn - that is just simple. Read all papers that goes with it.
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Open the picture. Right click on it. Send To should be on the list. Then choose want your going to download it on.

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