How To Transfer Pictures From My Internal Memory To Memory Card For Coolpix S210?


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When buying a Coolpix S210 camera without a memory card, once you start taking photos they will automatically save onto the internal memory in the camera. As the internal camera in most cameras is not usually that big, in order to be able to store more photos and videos at once, it is better to get a memory card.
So what steps do you take if you have already taken some photos on the internal memory and now want to transfer them onto your new memory card?
• Before starting, if you already have some photos saved on the memory card, move them to another place, such as onto your computer desktop. Then put the empty card back into the camera and select the option to 'format.'
• Now you need to take one single phone and with the camera still on, hit the 'playback' button to view the photo you have just taken.
• Press the 'menu' button and then search through until you find the 'copy' option. Once you find this hit 'ok.'
• At this point you can choose to select to copy from the internal memory to the memory card. This usually falls under the 'IN' option.
• Another way of doing this is to transfer all the photos from the internal memory to your computer using a USB cable that should have come with your camera. You can then choose to move them onto the memory card.
If you are still having trouble, it will do no harm having a look at your camera user manual. You may even find a quicker and more efficient way of transferring your photos.
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Shut down your camera and put it back on. And press the play key and press menu and select copy..

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