How Do I Load My Pictures From My Phone To The Computer? I Don't Have A Memory Card...


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If your phone is Bluetooth enabled, you may be able to transfer pictures to your PC. You would need to review your phone's manual and check if Bluetooth transfers are allowed. Your PC must be Bluetooth capable as well. There are Bluetooth-to-USB adapters for PCs for under $20.
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How do I done load my pictures from a southern link to my files
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Step1-Connect the USB data cable to the cell phone and an empty USB port on the computer.

Step2-Click the "Import pictures and videos" option in the AutoPlay window, then the"Import Settings" link.

Step3-Click "Browse" and select a folder on your computer in which to save the photos from the cell phone. Alternatively, leave the default "My Pictures" destination folder selected.

Step4-Click the "Import" button and wait a few seconds for Windows to copy the photos from the phone to the My Pictures library or the folder you selected.

Step5-Disconnect the USB cable from the cell phone and the computer. Use Windows Photo Gallery to view the pictures from the phone as you normally would.


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