I have a orange rio how do i transfer music from my computer to the mobile?


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Some people seem to be having some difficulty transferring music from their computers or laptops to their Orange Rio phones. Obviously, from your question, you seem to be having a similar problem.

So how do you transfer music from the computer to the mobile phone?
• The music needs to first be downloaded on to the computer. You can use websites such as iTunes for example.
• Next up, you have an option about how you want to transfer the music. Some people choose to use the phone's Bluetooth function. This involves using a Bluetooth dongle on the computer and then transferring the music to the phone's memory card.
• If you choose to send the music in this way you will then need to go to the audio player and select the options tab. Then click on 'import music' to make the songs play.
• Alternatively, you could transfer the songs from the computer using a USB cable which can be plugged into the computer and then in to the phone too. The songs will then be stored in the internal memory card.
• There may be other ways of doing this too if you have a look at your phone's instruction manual. For instance, you may be able to transfer songs by taking the memory card out of the phone and putting it into the computer before saving the music onto the card. Then remove the card and slot it back into the mobile phone.

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