How Do I Block A Number To My Orange Mobile?


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Hardware: Using your phone settings, most frequently found by going to a message or number, selecting options and then selecting to reject further comms from the person. Check your manual or Brand website (Nokia, Sony, Apple etc)

Software: Downloadable apps that will perform the above function blackballer etc shop around based on what phone you use. Old phone? Use it as an excuse to upgrade!

Supplier: Contact your supplier (Malicious Calls Unit, via Customer Services) see what they can offer

Number Change: Change your number, that way they can't phone you from other phones either. Often advised by suppliers too.

Police: Pt 1, See if a Officer will have a quick word.

Police: Pt 2. (Statements etc, might need your phone for a while etc, might have to go to court...) However if you are subject of abusive or threatening texts, and/or audio messages these can be used by the Police to prosecute the person for harassment. To make this work, there must be evidence (don't delete things). You should show you haven't texted them back, particularly with equally abusive texts. There should be 'a course of behavior' ie repeated texts and these should be offensive to some degree. If this doesn't fit then the police might arrest your friend, but the cps won't prosecute because its a pile of poo.

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