How To Block A Phone Number Through The Internet With A Boost Mobile Phone?


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  • How to block a phone number on a Boost mobile:
To block a phone number on your Boost mobile phone text 9999 followed by the number you wish to block. It is also possible to block anyone who is not in your phonebook. If anyone calls, they will be able to leave a message but they will not be able to call you directly. This gives you the choice of whether or not you would like to call them back.

If you have an Android phone it is also possible to download aps. One particular free application is called 'id Blocker' but there are many different apps available. They will give you the option to block any phone number you wish and certain people will never be able to get through to you.
  • Why block a phone number?
It is becoming increasingly common for people to be hassled or bullied via their mobile phone. In most cases it may just be persistent sales people which can be simply annoying but it can go as far as harassment. Many people have to change their phone number when they feel as though the harassment has gone too far and it is impacting their life in a negative way. It can make people feel scared and vulnerable but changing your phone number should be a last resort. Changing your phone number requires a great deal of organization as you inform all your contacts that it has changed. Blocking certain numbers can be a much simpler way of ensuring phone harassment stops and people feel safer as the bullies cannot get through to them.

It is particularly important to keep an eye on your children's phones as phone harassment and bullying has been known to lead to serious depression and feelings of helplessness. Help your children block the phone numbers of undesirable contacts immediately to put a stop to bullying immediately.

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