How Do You Send A Text Message From Computer To A Boost Mobile Cell Phone?


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It's simple. All you need to do is to go on and you will be able to send a text message from a computer at your home or anywhere to the mobile of your choice. There are guidelines for you to follow with regards to entering the numbers and how you should set out the text, but just like many other services and phones you can successfully send messages from a computer to a phone without there being any problems.

You will find that the service is sometimes free but you have a limited amount of text messages that you can send from the sight with regards to each month. Alternatively sometimes you may have to pay for the service when you next have credit to ensure that you are not going to be using the service as a phone texting service replacement.

If you have never known hot to send a text message from a computer to a phone before you will find that it is very easy and that you are not going to have any problems along the way. You can send the message to any number that you type in but you are should make sure that you enter the umber correctly and do not miss out any digits.

If this does happen you will find that the message will still send and you will be charged or a free text will go, however, the person who you want the message to go to isn't going to receive the text that you send. Therefore when you send a text messages from a computer you should check all information to see if it is entered correctly so save you from further problems.
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I have boost mobile & I send  e-mail 's but I want to know how to check my messages? The one's I send & receive? Do I need to go to anther web site to review them
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