Can You Look Up Someone Else's Text Messages On A Computer?


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If you cannot control the urge, you can look or rather intercepting other people’s text message using your phone with the help of your computer! How can you do this? Before you know how to do this, you need to be aware of the impacts of doing this. It might end up being a bad habit you acquire and nurture and it could cause you so much unwanted trouble! If you ask me, it will not help solve a problem like cheating in a marriage or courtship.

Like I said, it possible to read someone’s texts messages without having to get their cell phone and hiding in your bathroom while you read the texts. Gone are the days you had to wait till late or wake up early to snoop on your partners’ texts. With technology, you can do this in the most secretive and safest way possible. All you have to do is download a mobile phone spying software on to their phone!

Most of these software are easy to use. Once downloaded and installed in the phone of the person you are spying, they are completely undetectable! Amazingly, you do not have to pick their phone to check their activities, no. All you have to do is login on to the web page given to you once you install the mobile phone spy software on to their phone. This software intercepts every detail of their activity and you can get to know what the person is up to.

Besides reading text messages, you will be able to monitor twitter, Facebook, video streaming, browsing and phone calls! In fact, you can tap their conversations and listen to everything that you wish to hear.

Apart from this method, you can do phone cloning whereby you make a similar SIM card to that of the person you intend to spy. The most important thing here is being able to retain that phone identity. A card reader is used this process to read the SIM cards original details so as to transfer them to the clone card. This is illegal though.

You can read more on and many more mobile phone spy software sites. You can even gain access to free trials of these softwares.
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How do you do this I'm pretty sure my wife is cheating on me and I don't know how to catch her because she always deletes her text messages can anyone help me to find out how to track these deleted messages and how t get her text messages sent to my computer or my phone?
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I dont think shes cheating. I think she just doesn't like you interfering in her personal space
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I dont think shes cheeting on really know if she is cheeting on you i think you need prouve.put a camira in her hair and when she comes take it of and the prouve will get to you
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I'm pretty positive my boyfriends cheating on me and I want to catch him. I need to clone his phone how do I do it
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Actually it is possible my parents have done it to me and ive done it to my friends I can't stand liers.
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Someone told me to take my cell to radio shack and they can do it for me. I havent tried yet.

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