How Do I Send A Verizon Text Message From My Computer?


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Official Verizon Answer:

Send and receive text messages from any email address in the world by addressing
the email to your 10 digit mobile number in the following form: [email protected]
Or , if you register you
can create a custom nickname.  The you can send to: [email protected]

The page:
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If it's under 10 digits (CSC), you should try this site. Most only allow full 10 digit numbers, but this one routes them through their GSM modem, if it's CSC.  I ran a radio contest a few weeks ago, and we had a 5 digit code.  I sent some test texts to our number, and it worked perfectly.  A little delayed (maybe a minute or so), but still got there eventually.  They allow 10 digits numbers too, those are much easier to test.  Those come through almost immediately.  Four digit text, five digit text, six digit text, whatever!  I think they are ad-driven, so you may want to give them a click while you're there.
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Dear sir
how can sending massage with computer, without mobile verification?
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Is real cool check it you can send text to any phone check it new yahoo mail!!!
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I do it all the time and its free I have been using my yahoo mail for awhile
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Want to send text message via phone from computer, you can try iPubsoft Android Desktop Manager. [url=]

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