Can You Check Someones Cell Phone For Text Messages And Calls Without Touching That Phone And Without It Having Bluetooth?


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The only way that you’re going to be able to do that easily is if you actually get hold of the phone. Spying on a phone is not a great thing to do, but if you really think you require it then you’re just going to have to be sneaky and read the phone yourself. By doing this you will easily be able to read texts and find out what’s going on in this other person’s life.

What you need to do is decide whether or not it’s worth doing it. This is going against a person’s trust - would they really appreciate you doing something like this? The chances are you are going to end up in some kind of dispute with this person if they find out, so be careful.

If, however, you’re a parent, then things are very different! In this day and age you can never be too careful; you have no idea who your children are talking to. Thanks to the Internet and the rise in the amount of children who now have mobile phones, you need to ensure that your child remains sensible with their cell phone and are not getting in touch with people that they should not be talking to. The amount of paedophiles and other criminals out there that would be more than happy to get in touch with your child over the telephone is untrue, so you can use software that can be purchase online to spy on what your children are doing on their cell phones.

This software can be found on many websites, and a simple Google search of ‘cell phone spy software’ will give you a range of results that help you see what your child is sending, and what your child is receiving. Be careful, but make sure that your children are safe at the same time
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I want to check my husband's cell phone calls and text messages from this computer

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