How To Check And Read Text Messages Off Cell Phone On My Computer For Free?


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For busy people who are constantly on the go, a commonly-asked question is ‘how can I check and read texts messages on my computer?’ and if it is even possibly for a start.

There are several reasons why you would want to check your messages on a computer. Firstly, it could be more convenient for you. You may have no other choice because your phone may have been stolen, you may have lost it or it may be damaged, leaving you with limited access to your inbox. And also, your cell phone may be out of signal, so checking your text messages on a computer may be your only option for the time being.

Unfortunately, it is rather difficult for a person to check their cell phone’s text messages on a computer because text messages are sent and received from your SIM card which lives inside your cell phone. There is only so much information that can be stored on your online account, and most of the time this does not extend to text messages or any other content that your phone stores.

However don’t feel too disheartened! Some cell phone networks do allow you to look at text messages online. In order to be sure you need to check with your network provider to see if this is a part of their service.

Another method to try is to connect your phone to your laptop or computer using a USB cable as sometimes your phone can support a PC sync option. Usually you have to install some kind of software before you can use this, but once it is installed you can check your messages on your computer every time you connect.
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My virgin mobile phone wont let me get text messages being sent to it how can I see the texts off the computer that have been sent to my phone and my phone does not have a sim card
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I want to get my text off my phone to my computer 5806068903
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First make sure that your mobile supports PC Syn Option if yes then make sure that you have data cable with your mobile. If there is USB Port so connect your mobile with your PC and then install mobile driver and configure mobile network on your PC and then you can connect PC via mobile to internet, and then you can check your mail on mobile using your cell phone....

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