How Can I Read Girlfriends Text Messages For Free From My Computer?


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While there are few software packages available for a multitude of platforms that claim to be able to offer such a service, none appear to be free, in fact all are, as a well-known advertising slogan declared "reassuringly expensive".

Developed by Retina X Studios this software supports Android, Apple iPad and iPhone, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows mobile operating systems. After purchasing the software, registration is required, a download link will be given where the software can be downloaded from, this will then need to be installed onto the target phone. Once this is complete you will be able to log in to your account online to view any activity.

Price plans for this service begin at $49.97 for the quarter, $69.97 for six months, or annual plans at $99.97 or $129.97, although cancellation is near immediate (please check the website for details).

Price plans for Spy Phone Gold from Spyera Software begins at a hefty $289. This software has a range of features including GPS tracking, eavesdropping on calls, intercepting messages among many more, all accessible from a personal web console.

This software boasts most of the features of the previous two services mentioned, including a web-based control panel, the only difference being that it's free. Given the significant difference in price it may be wise to use caution and research it a little more, or try a dummy phone first just to be sure.
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How can I read girlfriends text messages for free from my computer
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You will need to install a reliable and stealth monitoring app like iKeyMonitor on her phone to help you secretly monitor her text messages, which may invade the privacy of your spouse and harm your relationship. As we all know trust is very important I  suggest you think twice before you do so.

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There is no way without having to pay for it... I've learned nothing in life is free...especially this crap.. Just take her phone, take the battery out and when she's looking for it say she probably lost it on a date or somewhere besides your house.
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