What's A Good Age To Get A Cellphone?


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If you want to convince your dad to get you a cell phone, explain to him that you're starting to go out more without him and that it's a safety issue. Also add that you won't go over your minutes/texts and keep your word! Parents love to see their kids acting responsible. And they're always quick to buy the "it's a safety issue" crap :P
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When you have a job then, coz your father might have some financial difficulties that you dont need to know or he just want you to concentrate more on your school work. Teenage nowadays are not trustful. It does not mean that he wont give you a cellphone but he needs sometime to understand you and your teenage life.
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I think 8th grade:)
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Eighteen years of age is a good age.
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I think 13 is a great age to get a cell phone. I think when ever you start to hangout with your friends without your parents or an adult is a good age also. That way you have a way to call your parents.
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Age 13, i don't have a cellphone either.And my dad doesn't let me get one.But my mom said if i get good grades i could get one which i'm so excited for.And try to get good grades as well.
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Welcome to my world i'm13 and don't  have a cellphone yet ether whats up with that?!?

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