What age is good to get a cell phone?


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Damean Berry answered

Personally I'd say 14. That's the age I started spending time out of my home when my parents didn't know where I could be, so for safety it's probably good at that age to.

Shirley Rogers Profile
Shirley Rogers answered

There were two groups within parents who say appropriate age to get cell phone for child. 20% parents from US said 10 is the right age
while 85% parents says aged 14 to 17 is the right age. Pediatricians says that they have growing evidence that cell phones especially those that allow kids to text, can disturb children’s sleep patterns. My opinion is you can allow cell phone to your kids when they will come to teenage.

Nikkie Marron Profile
Nikkie Marron answered

15 is a good age to get a cell phone.

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