What Are Good Cell Phone Signatures?


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When it comes to selecting and inputting your very own personal phone signatures, you literally have the world at your fingertips. There are many wonderful things to choose from to add that extra personal touch to your text messages, and to stand out from the crowd.

First, you will need to choose what type of cell phone signature you wish to have.

Name: One of the most popular choices for a good cell phone signature is having your own name. This is usually written in unique text and in a very quirky and different way. For example, if your name is Abigail, you could replace certain letters with different characters or capitalize them, such as '@bigail' or 'AbiGa!l' to make it look a little more fun. To jazz this up even more, you could add some quirky characters either side of your name, such as *[email protected]~* or x~..::~AbiGa!l~::..~x. Play around with the different characters on your keypad and you'll be able to create lots of unique, quirky cell phone signatures with your name alone.

Quotes: Some people like to use particular quotes to end their text messages. These can be anything from famous quotes from speeches, to your favorite song lyrics. A line consisting of around five words works best, as you don't really want to use a quote that is hundreds of words long. A good signature is a short, punchy but memorable piece of text.

Pictures: Cleverly, some people also use pictures that are made from different characters on your keypad. A simple series of hearts is a very popular choice, like so:
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The best signature is just "Signature"
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Let me start by saying I love you

but how could you lie to me?

I gave you everything

so what did I do to deserve this

tell me

I just don't understand

I gave you my heart because I loved and trusted you

but you lied and it tore me apart and now I don't know what to do

I'm still trying to figure out why I can't stop loving you

we were made for each other

we never faught or fussed no matter what it was

we couldnt stay mad for more than a second because we always made up

to this day I still love you

not caring how many time you mess up, because I'm keeping my promise not to get me and to never give up on us

now tell me isn't this what you guys look for in a girls love?

To listen, to trust, to be there to rely on each other, to have true love?

I give you my love because that is just me and ill continue to give you my everything
-Devon I can't believe you broke my heart I truely loved you! What did I do to deserve this we were supposed to be together for life then you cheated on me what was wrong with me wasn't I pretty enough for you? I still can't get over you! You were and still are my love and my life.

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