What Are Some Cute Emo Signatures For Cell Phones?


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Some cute emo signatures for cell phone are:

  • Black Angels
  • I cry for you
  • Pain&Tears = Story of my life

There do not seem to be that many online that fit the emo category. Therefore, It is probably better if you come up with a few for yourself that really speak about your personality. Emo tends to be a dark thought process meaning that you may not have a positive outlook as indicated in the third signature provided above.

You could take what is listed here and come up with your own. You may even find you can start an online website providing others with some really great emo signatures for cell phones. You may want to consider how you could also use symbols for the emo signatures.

The one important factor is that you are going to show your pain openly with any signature. So, what are some of the things you may write in a journal that could be used for an emo signature?

Consider also finding some poems that others have created and shared as emo. You may find a signature among these poems in a line that they have provided. Obviously you cannot take credit for the poem words, but you could use it as a signature as long as you are explicit that it is not your own creation.

Hopefully the above is a bit helpful on your path to finding some emo signatures. Just remember to show some pain, provide a moral to how you feel and you will have a good signature. Emo is all about the pain you want to share, so dig deep to find a signature you can use. You can always change it as and when your mood changes.
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*~raining red~*

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