What's A Cute Cell Phone Signature?


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A cell phone signature can range from anything between simply your name to a nickname or song lyric written in alternative characters with forms of ASCII artworks either side.

Many cell phone signatures are used to express a certain trait in the person's personality. For example, a favorite sports team, a meaningful quote to the individual and an expression of someone's love for something or someone.

There are many examples of different cell phone signatures online as well as some ASCII art work generators and programs that take your name, nickname or any other text and replace each character with characters of similar and identifiable visual characteristics. For example, the name "Richard" may become "[email protected]". It is also possible to do similar works using standard font types and creativity on your own part. On other occasions it is quite popular to differ between upper-case and lower-case fonts throughout written words for stylistic purposes. For example, "Michelle" may become "MiChElLe".

Many cell phone signatures use available characters in standard font types in order to create images or designs.
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S[he] Be[lie]ve[d]
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Right now mines:

<3*Dance Until We Die*<3

Ive had

S[he] Be[lie]ve[d]
Riding Solo
Just The Way You Are
<3Feelin' like a star
I put my hands in the air...sometimes<3
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/) /)
( . .)
c(')(') a bunny!

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