What Are Some Cute Love Signatures For Phones?


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A signature is something that many people include when writing a text. It may be something to do with them or how they are feeling. It is just a way to make a text unique from others. There are hundreds of love signatures to use within a text. The signatures can either be used in a text or to sign your name off at the end of a text or both!  An example of these would be something like Forever&Always as something simple to say to a boyfriend. To end the text it could be something as easy as YOUR NAME xoxo which is basically sending the recipient kisses and hugs. Keep it as something that relates to you, that isn’t too random and try to keep the signature short and sweet. Of course, you don’t need to always include signatures; it is just something new and quirky to try.

The main signatures for love usually involve the sign <3 which obviously looks like a heart. Instead of using the normal signatures, why not try making something of your own.  The most common signatures involve changing letters in your name to numbers or other characters such as J4ME3. Some people use their favourite songs or use their signature to describe the mood they are in.

Here are a few popular love signatures to put in texts:




Forever & Always


*hold;me.tight :)


U kno U love ME

queen of <3's

I'll <3 Her Forever!!!( =



falling_in_love<3 S[he]Be[lie]ve[d].

Mine is ~me+him=luv~

-Infatuated-<3  ( It means the state of being completely carried away by unreasoned passion or love)

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My heart beats for (name)
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(bf/gf name here)<3
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{P.s} iloveeyou ( : (then the person you are with initals)
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*in<3with(persons name)
your name[perfect]there name
<3 you mean everything to me!
(I.l.y) there name (I.l.y)
these are just some that came to me. Sorry its not much.
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<3..JESSE..<3 (:or you can put your friends name in it too:) <3..JESSE..<3..AMBER..<3
!!sorry!!hes mine!!*JESSE*
love forever:..:no question bout it!
<3ily *-JESSE-* ily<3
<3finders keepers, loosers weepers<3
<3he is so mine<3
<3if you havent noticed??? I love JESSE!<3
mj+jz=less than 3 (fyi... Less than 3 means <3)(get it? Less than... < ....3... 3. So its <3)lol

haha. If you havent notieced.. I really like this kid! :) and don't get any ideas. HES MINE!<3iloveyou

BY THE WAY! HERES A TIP!:: Any cute love signature is soooo much cuter with symbals in it!
    Ex:    Ily jesse ily
    ex:    <3*-_ily !jesse! Ily_-*<3
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My name is Haley and my boyfriends is Chris. My sig is :)hec+cmb+4eva*
or *C.M.B.Y.M.L
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I need a new signatures for my phone and I want it to be about my love for my boyfriend, and how I feel about him being gone in the army. So any ideas?

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