What are some cute signatures for text messages?


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Since mobile or cell phones stormed on to the scene and became part of so many people's lives, people are more and more dependent on them. Whether it be talking to family or a partner, or keeping in touch with friends, it is hard to believe that people ever managed without them.

Texting is by far the most popular way of communicating via mobile phones. People have been known to send hundreds of texts each day and it can even be a real problem when it comes to people texting whilst at work or even behind the wheel of a car.
  • As people text more and more, many feel they need to have their own signature or sign-off message, which makes a text message unique to them. It is possible on some phones to set up your text messaging service, so that your own signature automatically appears at the bottom of a message, without having to type it out each time.
  • In terms of what you write as your signature, this is very much down to the individual themselves. It should say something about your personality or character yet read in a formal, affectionate or amusing way.
  • Some people choose to sign off with "XOXO", which basically means hugs and kisses."Hot Chick", is another popular one, obviously for girls or women. The secret is to make your signature personal to you so it is worth spending some time thinking about your personality or how your friends and family might perceive you.
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S[he] be[li]v[ed]
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Ive used these

*Princess ____* (your name/nickname here)

-Le.Sotto.Selle.<3. (means under the stars in italian)

(ps. I Love You)


Thats all I can think of
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Here r a few I have used(:

.*. Dream biG .*.
.-. L O V E L I F E .-.
.-. I.Love.You .-.
.*. Last Friday Night .*.

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