How To Format A Nokia 6120?


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There are two types of formatting; repairing the firmware and wiping the phone completely. Both of these ways will allow you to format a Nokia 6120c. The first is a basic format. Type in the code *#7780# and it should restore your system without damaging files on the phone. If this doesn't work then the deeper format is *#7370#. This will wipe the phone completely. Please note that this won't affect internal memory cards.

If you can access your phone then you can go into Phone Settings and click Factory Settings. Click OK and type in the code 12345 and press OK. Additionally, you can try a reboot by pressing the green button, the * button, the '3' digit and the power button. Pressed at the same time these should reboot and offer you to pick a phone language, and then allow you to use the phone again.

  • Why would I format it?
Sometimes phones have errors with their firmware - the computer logic that makes the phone work. When this happens it can stop certain functions or even prevent full use of the phone. The way around this is to either upgrade the firmware if possible, or to just re-install the old firmware.

  • How do I install firmware?
Your phone should come with a CD-ROM and an instruction manual. The manual will guide you through the entire process of setting your phone up, including firmware repairs and upgrades. The CD will contain the computer software that you need for downloading firmware.

Install the software from the CD and connect your phone to your PC via the USB cable that will come with the phone. Then, simply, open the software - whilst connected - and try to upgrade the firmware. If there is no update it will tell you, but you will also be able to just reinstall the previous version.
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I have nokia 6120 clasic, It automatically start On and OFF and continue like that. How I can solve this prblem?
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Use *#7370# code and give the security code.

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