How To Hide My Cell Phone Number For Texting?


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Many people think this isn't possible, but it certainly is possible. First of all, you need to open up an Internet browser either on your computer or on your cell phone, if you have an Internet application and Internet access on your phone. Then you need to go to Google and search for a website that allows you to send text messages over the Internet. Very few people seem to know that these exist, but there are plenty of them around and you should easily be able to access at least one by doing a Google search.

Once you're on the website, you will just need to follow the instructions that they provide you with. They will tell you where to go and what information you need to provide them with for them to be able to offer their online texting services. The form you will have to fill out when you are trying to write the text message includes the name of the recipient, and their cell number. It also needs their wireless provider as well as the message that you want to send to them. If for some reason, after all this, you want the person to know who it is that is sending the message (perhaps so they know who you are but not what your number is), then all you need to do is leave your name at the bottom of the text message so that they know it's from you.

Once you're happy with everything, send the text message. The recipient will receive the text message like they would with any other kind of text message, and they will not know your cell phone number. This can allow you to remain anonymous and it can stop the individual from being able to get in touch with you on your cell phone number.

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