I Need To Send A Text Message, How Do I Do This?


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If you got a S/W cd for your phone der wil be a S/W for accessing your msg thru the PC. You can use this to send msg from PC to a mobile.
I got a nokia cell for which I use nokia PC Suite S/W. Am able to send msg from PC after I connect my cell to PC thru a USB connection. Hope this helps you
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If you are talking about PC to Mobile SMS, Then visit here for that.

The process of sending text message from you cell phone may differ depending on your handset. Generally it is like that:"
First go to "Write message", "Create Text Message" option of you cell phone, then type in the message and then provide number. Remember when you are sending it to International number add + sign followed with country code too.

If you are going to send E-mail text message, then just sign in and click on Compose Mail which is on right side of web page. After that type in E-mail in "To", then type in Subject and then type in "Message " in space provided below. After that just click on Send.
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I don't know how do I send a message. Guide the procedure?
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Put in the number..go to sendmessage and then type whatever you wish to bro... Haha then push send and when they reply press open then read it and press reply then do iti over again

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