How Do I Send A Text Message To A House Phone?


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It’s really easy to send a text message to a house phone, no more difficult to sending one to another mobile phone.  I’ve done it loads of times (sometimes not on purpose!) and picking the messages up is easy, too. You will need to check with your service provider just so you know how much you will get charged for sending a text to a house phone, and this is because sometimes it is more expensive than mobile to mobile.

If you still want to send a text to a land-line, simply open your mobile phone’s message menu and choose ‘new message’.  Write your text just as you would do if it were to be sent to another mobile phone, making sure that you put the land-line phone number in, and press ‘send’. That’s it, all there is to it.

Depending on your phone’s abilities, you may get a confirmation text telling you that the message you have written was successfully sent. The person you have sent the text to will receive it as an automated voice reading the text to them. If the text was picked up by a voice mail system then the text will be delivered as voice mail.

The thing to remember when you are sending a text to a house phone is that the person you are intending the text for may not be the person who picks up the phone. That means one of two things: They may not get the message, and be careful what you text!
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I have virgin mobile and I have sent text messages to house numbers before accidentally. It just sounds like a recorded message when they get it.
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You can't send it to your house phone
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You can't it imposable
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I don't know from what I hear you must have a sprint phone I have been getting txt msgs to my landline for about 2 months now about parties superbowl and all kinds of crap.
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You can send it to your house phone, and a computerised voice tells you what the text says
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You cannot send text messages to your land line number since it does not have the facility to send or receive text messages because a landline can only be used for making calls. You can however send text messages from mobile to mobile, mobile to pc or from pc to mobile.
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You can text a landline..I did it once by accident..just type the number in as you would normally and it reads it using a weird voice thing. I guess it could depend on your network and what provider the home phone is
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I sent a text message to a house phone but you can't reply. You have to have 1 house phone and 1 cell phone. Go on the cellphone type in the house number (ex.1-888-888-888) then click options and send message. Type the message and when you send it, it may take a little longer to receive to the house phone then mobile to mobile.
Hope this helps and have a nice day!

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