Can Pictures Be Saves To Sim Card?


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The only way your pictures and videos can be moved too, to your new phone is if they are saved onto your sim card. And the way you can check that is you can go to your settings and tools then click memory and then save options and there should be pictures, videos, and sounds and you click which ever one and then it will give you the option of save to phone or to sim card. And then just select sim card. But you have to make sure the sim card is in the phone while you are doing that.
I hope that made sense to you and it works. (:
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mehak kainth answered

I don`t think so the images can be saved on sim card, only contacts and text messages can be saved.

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dev ottman answered
Yes, you can save pictures to your sim card go to phonebook and select copy all to sim card.
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Well it depends upon your old mobile phone. If it has the function that you can copy them to sim then it`s ok. the method for this is simply go to your pics folder and from the properties copy all to your sim.

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