How Do I View My Cricket Account?


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First of all, to have a Cricket account, you must have a Cricket phone or call plan.
If you have a Cricket phone or call plan, you need to go to the Cricket website:
When on their home page, you will see a grey bar along the top a box marked ‘My Account’. You will need to click on that box and it will take you to the login page. It will ask you for your Cricket phone number and the password you would have created when you set up your account. Having entered both those details you would need to click on the ‘Go to my account’ button. This would take you to your account and you would be able to view various things, based on your relationship, phone or call plan with Cricket.
When logged into My Account, you can view your bill or past payments, change your plan, update any personal information that may have changed as well as many other features.
Cricket Wireless started ten years ago, with an innovative concept of no signed contracts. They now are able to offer a range of services including phones and 3G, which is a way of accessing the internet via your phone as fast as through a modem. They also provide add-ons such as ringtones, wallpapers, and games.
Cricket are one of an increasing number of companies that offer a number of packages. Having started out as solely a mobile phone network provider, Cricket have expanded into mobile (or cell) phones, smartphones, broadband and add-ons, as well as their original service or network providing. A number of companies, such as Sky, BT and Virgin, offer multi-media deals such as television, calls and broadband, so it appears that Cricket is attempting to work its way into that market.

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