How Can I View My Cricket Wireless Phone Bill?


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Visit the Cricket Wireless website either on a computer or on your phone, which is found at Then log in using either your Cricket phone number or the number of your broadband card and enter your password, the latter of which can be requested through the sending of an email reminder. In addition, you will receive a text message reminder with the amount outstanding of the most recent bill, together with the date which the payment is due. Should you wish to pay monthly automatically, you also have the option to do so through the same webpage. Cricket Wireless is a great network to be on as it offers no contract, respecting both the freedom and the pocket of the phone owner. Broadband coverage is excellent across the United States, especially in major cities, and you can see how much coverage you have by entering your home zip code. A number of affordable plans are available, which can be viewed in full in the ‘Cell Phone Plans’ section of the website These plans include a Basic plan with long-distance calls and caller ID functions at thirty-five dollars per month, a Best Seller plan for ten dollars more per month with picture and video messaging functions, and various other plans for Android and Blackberry Smartphone users, which cost fifty-five dollars a month. Also for the same price is the excellent Muve music plan which enables music lovers to download songs to be listened to as they are or set as ringtones, compatible with Muve Music phones.
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View my phone bill
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I payed my phone bill how do I confirm?

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