How To View My Call Log On Cricket Wireless?


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Cricket wireless is the name of a wireless cell phone company that aims to beat other competitive prices on their tariffs. They offer different tariffs, depending upon the provided handset chosen by the customer, which range in price and provided services. The company provides customers with unlimited call time and text messaging within the company's covered areas.

There are restrictions in some services due to the company's low price plans. One of these restrictions, as an example, is that calls can only be made to certain covered areas. The company has now managed to cover all states within the U.S. And all of their price plans allow for these areas to be contacted. If the user were to travel a certain distance threshold from the location in which the contract was set up then the user is "roaming" and different call rate charges are employed.

Another fall back of the company due to their competitive prices is that call history details aren't available instantly, for example online. The website instructs that if the user wishes to view such details they should visit a full serviced cricket store. These can be found using the available area map online and are represented by green balloons. The user will then be given a form to be completed, which would then be processed by the store. It is also of note that the website informs the possible application of processing fees should this service be utilized by a customer.

In most circumstances, call history and activity logs are saved on the actual handset itself as well as the phones service company. This feature is accessed via different means depending upon the make and model of the handset, however the provided instruction manual should include details on how to use this feature if apparent.
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How do I look up my cricket phone call log?
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My call log in last to months
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You can't! Cricket is a joke and if you want your call log you have to pay them 25$!  That's if they give it to you then.  All you can do is hit the ignore button and pray that who ever it is stops..they have an answer to all questions except for that one trust your not the only one!

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