How Do I Check Cricket Call History Online?


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Cricket offer their customers an unlimited number of minutes of local service each month. This subsequently results in many calls being made by many users, resulting in a large volume of call histories.

In order to keep their service plans at the competitive prices they are so popular for, these call histories are not made readily available.

It is, nonetheless, possible to request access to one's personal call history. This may be done by visiting one of the corporate owned, full service Cricket stores.

These stores can be located using Cricket's store locator search tool, which highlights the full service stores contained within any given area with green balloons on the particular area map.

On visiting the store, the customer will be given an application form. Once this form has been completed by the customer, it has to be notarised.

This is a process of legal verification of documents, or signatures on documents, performed by a notary or notary officer, a person specifically trained to perform this task.

After completion and verification, the document is returned to the store, where it will then be processed. In due time, the customer will then be able to view his or her call history.

It should be noted, however, that it is likely that a fee will be payable not only at the shop, but most certainly for the notary services.

This may seem quite a lot of performance just to see one's call records, but as Cricket pointed out, the pure volume of calls made each month makes it impossible to cost-effectively have these records ready and easily accessible for users at all times.

Users needing to keep a regular eye on their call history, for whatever reason, may therefore wish to create their own records, or alternatively choose another provider.
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Sprint, at&t and T-mobile all allowed this feature through their online account. It isn't hard to do obviously... that should be an option for all customers through any cell phone service provider.
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I want to check my call history for the past
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I need to find out my call history on my cricket cell phone but I lost my phone how do I do it
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I would like to check the text message history for last month from Cricket.  What do I need to do?


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