How To Get My Cricket Cell Phone Records Online?


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The Cricket websites states, "Since Cricket offers unlimited minutes of local service every month, to keep our service plans at competitive prices we do not have call history details readily available." This means that cell phone records are not recorded by Cricket as this would be expensive for Cricket and they would then have to pass on their expenses to their customers and they would no longer be such excellent value for money. It also means that they do not waste money on sheets and sheets of paper that they would have to send to every individual customer. This is a method that many companies are now adopting to keep outgoing costs to a minimum and also to avoid wasting paper and other resources which contribute towards global warming.
You can view your bill online in the ‘My Account’ section of the website but it will not provide you with information for every single phone call and text message you made. You will need your account phone number and your account password which you will have created when you set up the account. Ensure you keep your password somewhere safe or, better still, remember a password which is not obvious to anyone you know. If someone knows your password, they will be able to access your account and view you bill.
An easy way to keep track of your phone calls is by simply checking the ‘Call Log’ which is on virtually every cell phone. This will provide all of the calls you have made, the duration of the call and who you have been calling and who has called you. It will also list calls to your voicemail (which can be expensive and should be kept track of) and also calls which you missed. Beware that if the battery is removed from your cell, it will usually wipe your call history. It is also easy to delete your call history so if you are worried someone is using your phone without permission or you are checking up on someone’s calls then it may not be an accurate record or the calls made.
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Well, you first need to obtain the phone, you set up a account online using cell phone number. The pass word will be sent to the cell phone, then you use it to view your online account. IF it is someone that does not want you to get it you might be out of LUCK, but it won't hurt to try!!!!
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I think you should surf for online score on net I dont think there is any app that will provide you live score.

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