How Can I View My Phone Records Using A Cricket Wireless Phone?


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Since Cricket offers unlimited minutes of local service every month, to keep their service plans at competitive prices they do not have call history details readily available. If you would like to access these records you need to do the following: You need to locate your nearest Cricket or Cricket affiliated store (there is a store locator on the Cricket website) and once there you must request a form that will allow you to view your call records. It is worth noting there may be a small fee for processing this request.
Cricket Communications - founded in 1999, also known as Cricket Wireless - provides wireless services to more than 5.4 million customers in all US states. The company is a subsidiary of Leap Wireless. Cricket uses a flat rate billing method, offering rates from $35 per month and often including tax on a month-to-month contract basis.
For this service you do not need any kind of credit check from a store meaning the service is very popular amongst youngsters and those who do not wish to commit to a long contract. Cricket covers around 95% of The US and they also provide wireless internet as well as phone coverage.
Those using a Cricket phone can enjoy unlimited calls and texts as long as they continue to pay the monthly rate that they have settled for. If you do not pay promptly your service will soon be cut off until payment is made. There are some subtle differences between a Cricket phone and the more regular contract services that other customers choose to opt for. One of these is being able to access your call records. Apart from the obvious call register which the phone has to show missed and placed calls, there is no simple way to look back over a period of time and see calls, either incoming or outgoing.

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