How To View My Cricket Phone Pictures From My Computer?


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Currently, many Cricket phones that do not boast expandable memory offer no way of getting phone pictures from the Cricket phone to the computer. These phones are considered a great budget phone with a range of features, but for some, the ability to put photographs from your phone is simply not possible.

This shouldn’t be a problem for many people, however. Cricket phones are budget handsets that are often favoured by people that prefer simplicity in their mobile phones, allowing them to make calls, text people and use just a few other features. For some people, paying hundreds of pounds for a mobile phone is simply not the best idea.

However, sometimes it is possible to take photographs from a Cricket phone. If your Cricket phone boats an expandable memory slot for a microSD card or has other connectivity options, then you shouldn’t have an issue.

When you bought the phone, you should have been provided with a mini-USB cable. This mini-USB cable will connect your Cricket phone to your computer, so that you can transfer files into the phone. Some Cricket phones provide MP3 playback, meaning that these phones should definitely provide you with a cable. You may be able to access the internal data in the phone.

Furthermore, you can take out the microSD card, connect it to your computer via a card reader (whether it’s built in, or comes with a wire), and take photographs from the microSD card. Cricket phones might be budget handsets with limited features, but purchasing the right model and having the right equipment can allow you to make the best use out of it.
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YOu can email them to yourself...when you click send text it asks if you want to send a regular text or a picture text. Click picture text and then instead of typing it to a number type it to your email. Then you can just go to your email and save it to your computer
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How do I view a picture text sent to my computer.
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If your phone came with a usb connection plug and/or software for computer to phone interface, you  should be able to look at your phone in my computer when it is plugged in and browse it for the photos you're looking for.

Hope this helped

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