How Do I Transfer Pictures From My Metropcs Phone To My Computer?


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There are several ways to transfer images from your phone to your computer. Most mobile phones now come with a wire that connects your computer to the phone so that you can upload all your images onto the computer. To do this, you usually need to install the software for your phone onto the computer as it usually has its own programme to download and upload images and videos etc.

If your phone for some reason does not have a wire to connect to the computer then another option is Bluetooth. If you have a reasonably new computer or laptop then chances are you may well have Bluetooth built into your computer. This is handy because just about all phones now have Bluetooth which means you can transfer photos relatively easily to your computer by pairing the two devices together. However, this can be quite time consuming if there are a lot of photos on your phone and you can only transfer one at a time.

If you aren’t lucky enough to have Bluetooth on your computer then perhaps your phone has a memory card which is storing the images. If so, then you can buy special memory card readers that slot into your USB port. This then makes it easy to transfer images from the card to your computer.

Or a final idea for transferring images, if your phone has the capabilities to send emails, then you could send an email with attachments of the photos to your own email address which you could then pick up from your computer. This may only be practical for transferring small amounts of photos at one time as there is usually a limit to email attachments which can be quite small depending on the email provider.
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After installing the software, you have to synchronize the phone with the computer. After doing that you can transfer mp3, photos and videos as well.
Synchronization might take some time make sure all the wires are attached properly.
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What do you mean synchronize the phone to the computer. How do I do that?
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If you don't see the transfer tab than there must written synchronization in the program. Click that, it will take few minutes!

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