How Do I Track A Stolen Metro PCs Phone?


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The best way to track a stolen phone is to use tracking software that is already installed on it.  There are many after-market applications that you can download to your phone which will come in handy in the event that you lose your Metro PCS phone or it is stolen.  Most of these apps can remotely power on your phone in case it is turned off.  These apps include:


Antidroid Theft


Lookout Mobile Security

Obviously, not all applications are available on all carriers, but there are many others that are developed for the three major carriers (iPhone, Android, and Blackberry).  There are always newer programs being released too.

Apps like iTag allow you to not only track your phone but control it remotely as well.  You can even send the command to power the phone down and apply security features like a passcode for login.

There is a phenomenal app made by the same team that developed Lookout Mobile Security and it is called Plan B.  It is the first app that you can download to your computer after you lose your phone.  Obviously, it will work with applications and information that is currently in your phone to track it down for you.

Also, since many phones have GPS capabilities these days, there are several other places online where you can find programs that will basically track your GPS signal for you.  You could also try registering your phone’s IMEI number with which is a free lost and stolen phone recovery service.
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How do I track a stolen cell phone that has a dead battery at the moment but may get charged and turned on. If I get a new phone is there any way to transfer my numbers(contacts) or get my pictures out of or off my old phone via computer
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My metro pcs blackberry was stolen how do I find it

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