How Do I Transfer Photos From Samsung Mobile Phone To Computer With Only Usb Cable?


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It is easy to transfer photos from any mobile phone to a computer if you have the right USB cable. All you need to do is attach the USB cable to your phone on one end and your computer on the other, find your phone in ‘my computer’ and drag the pictures from your phone to your computer documents.

Make sure your phone and your computer are switched on.

Attach the USB cable to your phone.

Insert the other end of the USB cable to your computer.

At this point you should see an ‘installing driver’ window pop in the bottom right hand side of your screen. Wait until a window pops up to tell you ‘driver successfully installed’.

Go to ‘start’ and then ‘my computer’.

Under ‘devices’ there should be a symbol that represents your phone. Double click on it.

This will bring up all the files on your phone. Click on ‘pictures’.

Either highlight multiple pictures at once, then select ‘copy’ or right click and select ‘copy’ for each image you want to transfer individually.

Go to ‘start’ again and ‘pictures’.

Either right click anywhere within this file and select ‘paste’ or create a new file within the pictures file for your images and paste in there.

If this doesn’t work then your phone and your computer may not be compatible or you may need to install software that should have come on a CD in the box with your phone. If you are still having problems then you could go to your phone manufacturer’s website or type the exact model of your phone into Google for more information on the problem.
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Basically, if you have the correct USB cable.. Just go to Menu> Settings> Phone Settings> USB Settings and then set to Mass Storage. Then you simply insert the USB cable to your Samsung Mobile Phone (probably the same place you insert the charger) and then wait for the pop-up on the computer and click one of the options. Recommended to press the Open Files/View Files (or something like that) one which has an icon that looks like Files. Okay. Easy as that and then the files are on the computer in a Removable Disk Drive. You can easily move these files onto the computer desktop. Hope this helps.
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Why not use iPubsoft Android Desktop Manager? I just used it to copy my Samsung photos to my pc, it's very simple and smooth.
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Have you tried the Samsung Kies software or Samsung PC Studio software? They should be compatible with your phone, and can be found on the Samsung support site.

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No matter you are going to transfer data from Android to computer , from Android to Android ,or from Android to iPhone , all the data transfer program need to use the USB cable to connect the two phone device,

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Copy And Paste
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You make to things very difficult. I think till now your problem will be fixed and you may have successfully install usb extension cable software on your system.

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