How Can I Track My Stolen Metro Pcs Cell Phone For Free?


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Unfortunately, once your phone has been stolen, there is no way of tracking where it is. The software that you would require to be put on the phone to track it must be put on beforehand; so once it has been stolen it is too late.

  • Use a pin security code
You should always have a pin security code on your mobile phone. This will not always stop people from stealing it but it may put some thieves off and will make it extremely difficult for them to access the phone. A pin security code is usually a 4-digit code that needs to be typed in every time the phone is used or after it has been switched off.

On certain phones, the code is needed to unlock the keypad. If it is a petty thief stealing the phone, then this code would probably put them off taking it as they would not know how to access the phone. This would mean that if they came to sell it, it would be obvious that they stole it and they would also have to get a specialist to unlock it.

This usually equates to far too much hassle for a petty thief. Having a pin code on your phone will also mean that if it is stolen, the thief will not have the opportunity to make any expensive phone calls before you report it as missing. If they do make expensive phone calls before you have had the chance to cancel the phone, you will end up paying the bill.

  • Alert your service provider

If you find that your phone has been stolen, you should call your network provider immediately to cancel your contract so no calls can be made on the stolen phone.
If it is on Pay-as-you-Go there is very little your network provider can do but if you are on a contract they will cancel the sim and send you a new sim card. However you will need to purchase a new phone unless you had insurance to cover theft.

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