How To Reset The Tmobile Phone The Blur?


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To reset the Motorola blur handset, from T-Mobile, follow these easy steps:
  • Turn off the handset using the power off button.
  • Press down the power on button and the camera button simultaneously. When prompted, release the camera button.
  • You should then see directions on the screen asking you to adjust your volume. Follow the instructions given. After completing the steps as instructed, press and hold the volume down key.
  • Wait for the screen to reappear, and press on the screen of the handset directly above the back key. This should lead you to the system recovery menu.
  • Select the option for a master reset, and then wait as the phone carries this process out. If your phone turns off, leave in for around ten minutes then turn it back on - your reset process should now be complete.
The above method is not fail safe. It may be necessary to take your handset into a T-Mobile store or call up the company helpline for further instructions. If you are having recurring problems with the handset, see a mobile phone technician who will be able to investigate the problem.

  • Resetting your mobile phone
Resetting your mobile phone may be necessary for a number of reasons. Firstly, if you are about to pass on or sell your handset, you should carry out the reset process. This prevents the new owners of the handset accessing your personal information and gives the impression of a new handset in terms of software. Secondly, resetting your phone can solve software problems with it. If your phone is continually freezing or being unresponsive, try resetting it to stop this happening. In most cases, resetting your mobile phone is easy. If this isn't the case, go in store or see a mobile phone specialist for further advice.
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On most cell phones the master reset is located under the tools menu, inside initial or start-up procedures.

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