How to unlock my tmobileblur?


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Assuming that this question is with regards to unlocking the phone from the T-Mobile network, there are several options. One is to contact T-Mobile and request an unlock code from them. This could, however, cost between $24 (£15) and $33 (£20). It may therefore be advisable to leave this one as a last option.

  • The IMEI number
Before attempting to unlock the phone, it is necessary to find out the phone's IMEI number. This is done by entering *#06# on the phone's keypad. The number will then be displayed on the screen and should be noted down.

  • Getting the code
The unlock code can then be obtained by either calling T-Mobile or choosing one of the services on the Web, such as Unlock That Phone, Wireless Unlocking or The Unlock Shack, for instance. Prices for unlocking here will range around $5.99 (around £3.65). In any case, the phone's make, model and IMEI number will have to be provided.

  • Entering the code
To enter the code, the new SIM card should be installed in the phone. When the phone is turned on, a box asking to 'Enter Special Code' or 'Enter Unlock Code' should appear. The code is then entered, followed by pressing OK.

If the above message does not appear, holding the * button down should bring up an entry field. The sequence *#32# needs to be typed into this box, again followed by pressing OK.

This should result in another field, where the unlock code can then be entered. After pressing OK, the phone should either display Completed or Deleted to confirm that unlocking was successful.

  • Warning
If not successful within one or two attempts, T-Mobile should be contacted, as entering an incorrect code may permanently lock the phone, rendering it useless.

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