My Yahoo Messenger Says "Your Account Has Been Locked. (81003003)". How Do I Unlock It?


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Liam Orr answered gives the following explanation for this error message on its website:

 You may be receiving the account locked error message because there have been too many failed log in attempts on your account. If you have tried repeatedly to access your account from any Yahoo! Product with the wrong information, it will become locked as a security precaution to protect your account and your personal information. 
To unlock your account, go to the Yahoo! Sign In page and sign in with your Yahoo! ID and password; on the My Yahoo! Page, please click on any of the Quicklinks to other Yahoo! Services located on the left side of the page. Do not close this window, then sign in to Yahoo! For the Web. Try signing in to Yahoo! Messenger. 
If you have changed your password, please sign in with the new password. If you continue to receive the error message, please contact Yahoo! Customer Care using the Contact Yahoo! Button.

This button is located, along with these instructions, here.  
About Yahoo Messenger
Version 10 of Yahoo Messenger can be downloaded now, with enhanced video calling, the ability to see the latest Twitter, Yahoo! and Flickr updates from friends and improved language support.
As of May 2011, the application is available on the Apple iPad, and it is also compatible with Windows XP and Vista 7, as well as on mobile phones including the iPhone.
It can downloaded at You can easily avoid receiving messages like this in the future by keeping your password in a safe place.
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You can unlock that by logging in to Yahoo webmail. After you successfully sign in to your account that way, you should be able to access your Yahoo Messenger account, too. 
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That means some one has been trying to get into your account. They tried your password so many times that it locked your account—that, or you forgot your own password, and Yahoo locked you out, thinking you were the intruder!

What Should I Do?
Check the help section on the Yahoo website, or log in to your Yahoo Mail account and change your password from the 'settings' menu there.
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Hey people, relax — it's a case of somebody (possibly you!) trying to log  repeatedly into your account with the wrong password, too many times.

 For your security, Yahoo! have locked your account. All you need to do is log in to your email account over the web, through, and change the password there.
Once you have done that, re-login to your Yahoo account using new password. It'll fix the problem and your messenger should start working again too.
Good luck!
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I sometimes get this error too. The only way to unlock it is to log into your Yahoo account via the web - either webmail or web messenger - and then try again with Yahoo Messenger.

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