How Do I Unlock My Yahoo Account?


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Attempting to log on to your Yahoo account and being presented with the message "account locked for security reasons" can be very frustrating. To find out what to do, keep reading:

Why is my yahoo account locked?

The first thing you may be wondering is 'why has my account been locked?'

The answer is that Yahoo usually locks an account when a user has attempted to access an account three times, and has failed on each attempt.

In an effort to stop people guessing passwords and hacking accounts, Yahoo allows three attempts at logging on with a specific user ID before locking the account for a temporary period (usually around 24 hours).

The circumstances that may have led to your account being blocked include:
  • Someone trying to hack your account or access it illegally
  • You entering a mis-spelled password over three times
  • Someone accidentally using your User ID (where it's been saved on another computer) and then entering their own password.
The fact that the account has been locked, although very annoying, can be good news in the sense that your email inbox is still secure.

How to unlock my Yahoo account? There is actually nothing you can do whilst your account is locked. You must simply wait 24 hours until the lockout period expires, and then try logging in again.

A lockout period doesn't reset itself every time you try to gain access to your account, but simply follows the third unsuccessful attempt at accessing your account.

If you're still having issues with logging into your account following the 24-hour lock out period, there is a possibility that someone has been able to access your account and may have changed your log-in information.

Luckily, Yahoo has contingency plans for just such a situation, and the Yahoo mail Help page is a useful source of information regarding any further problems you may have accessing your email account.

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