How Do I Unlock Twitter?


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For security reasons, Twitter will lock accounts if too many attempts to log in are made. Log in will then not be possible for an hour, even with the right password. If this is the case here, the following steps should be taken:

  • Disable third-party apps, such as Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, etc
  • Wait for one hour
  • Attempt to log into Twitter
If the correct password cannot be remembered, it is possible to request a new password. If the new password e-mail is not received, or if it is still impossible to log in, it is necessary to contact Twitter support and file a support ticket. For this the user name, the e-mail address used for the Twitter account and a list of used third party apps, as above, should be stated. If log in is successful, the disabled apps can then be re-activated with the correct password.

If using Tweetdeck and locked out of an account, Tweetdeck shut be shut down completely, as keeping it open may cause ongoing locks. After an hour, it should be possible to log in to Twitter. The next step is to open Tweetdeck and going straight to preferences, then accounts. The account then has to be selected and the correct password has to be verified and saved.

If an account has been locked as a result of hacking or phishing, the password will have been changed by Twitter and the user should receive an e-mail with relevant information how to unlock.

If the account has been suspended as a result of a violation of Twitter rules, it is possible to appeal. An e-mail with information regarding this should have been sent to the user. In addition, more information on suspension can be found at the Twitter Help Center.

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