How Do I Underline Words On Twitter?


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Currently, users do not have the capacity to underline words on Twitter. Users of Twitter may generate 'tweets' - these are sentences or short paragraphs broadcast from an individual's user account to all of their followers. Tweets could be about current events in the media; opinions; what a person is up to - the possibilities are endless, but unfortunately only standard text can be used. Of course, users could use asterisks or capital letters to emphasize a word or phrase.

  • Twitter

Twitter is a popular social networking site used by millions of people from around the world, allowing complete international connectivity. It is free to use and a Twitter account can be set up in less than five minutes - all that is needed is a working email address. To find the Twitter website, simply enter 'Twitter' into a search engine such as Google and the official website will be the first shown in the listings. The site is very straightforward and easy to navigate.

  • What can you do on Twitter?

Users of Twitter can create their own profiles, which may include photographs, themes and personal information about them. The main function of the website is then to follow others and be followed. By following others, you can access their profiles and read their Tweets. Those following you can view Tweets generated by you. Users can also link others in their Tweets and comment on the Tweets of others. Most of those with Twitter accounts follow their friends and family, as well as notable celebrities (in most cases, anyone can follow anyone on Twitter - no default privacy setting prevents this). Famous individuals who regularly use Twitter include Stephen Fry, Peter Andre and Barack Obama.

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