How Do I Make A Heart Symbol On Twitter?


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It is possible to make hearts or a variety of other symbols on Facebook or Twitter both on a computer with a separate keyboard and on a laptop.

On the computer keyboard with a number pad on the right, holding down the 'Alt' key and pressing one of the numbers on the number pad will result in a different symbol for each number appearing.

'Alt' and '1', for instance, will result in a white smiley face, while 'Alt' and '2' will produce in a black smiley face. 'Alt' and '3' makes a black heart and so on. This also works with two digit numbers. For example, 'Alt' and '13' or 'Alt' and '14' will produce different musical notes.

This will, however, only work with the numbers on the number pad, the numbers across the top of the keyboard do not respond in the same way.

On the laptop, where there is no separate number pad, the same effect can be achieved by holding down the 'fn', 'Alt' and 'L' keys simultaneously and pressing the required number displayed on the letter keys. These numbers are usually in a different colour, added to keys next to the letters. The numbers at the top of the keyboard will not work.

On twitter, it is also possible to use the 'twitterkeys', a floating bookmarklet which was designed by and is available free from <a href=" This page explains how twitterkeys work and they can be obtained by simply dragging a link into twitter.

When opened, a series of symbols is displayed. To use a symbol, users have to double click the chosen symbol, press 'Ctrl' and 'C', then paste it into the required space by pressing 'Ctrl' and 'V'.

This is definitely an easier option than trying to remember the symbol each number produces.

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