What Is Meant By 'Following' On Twitter?


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Following someone on Twitter means that you will see their tweets in your personal timeline. If somebody follows you, it means that your tweets will appear in their timeline.

When you first sign up for a Twitter account, your tweets will, by default, be visible to anyone (even if they don't have a Twitter account).  This also means that anyone can choose to follow you. 

If you want to have control over who is able to follow you, you will need to protect your tweets. Once you have a protected, rather than public, account other users will have to request to follow you. 

Blocking a Follower If you want to keep your account public, but want to stop an individual user from seeing your tweets in their timeline, it is possible to block them.

Once you have blocked a user they will no longer:

  • Have their @replies show in your mentions timeline
  • See your tweets in their timeline.
Twitter doesn't inform a user that you have blocked them, but if the user that you have blocked tries to view your tweets, they may realise that they've been blocked.  You can unblock a user at any point.
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Following on Twitter means that a person is interested in receiving your tweets.

So, if you're following someone on Twitter, you will see their tweets in your message stream. However, if they are not following you, then they won't see whatever you tweet in theirs.

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