How do I get rid of adverts on twitter?


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Andrew Neal answered

Twitter is a public company, which must make money through selling advertisements to their users. You cannot get rid of the ads. If you don't want to be around advertisements, then try

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Yo Kass answered

I think the thing to remember is that advertising is what keeps services like Twitter free to use.

Imagine the internet if every site you wanted to use was behind a paywall instead.

Rather than criticising ads, I think we should be hoping and focusing in ad formats that are more relevant and engaging.

Think of the Super Bowl as an example...

Some people watch it specifically for the ads!

I'm certain internet advertising will change dramatically in the next few years, especially with the growth of 'wearable tech'.  But doing away with ads doesn't sound like a great plan to me, which is why I tut at friends that use adblocker software on their browsers :(

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