How do I know if someone blocked me on Twitter?


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Twitter have been pretty comprehensive in stopping you from seeing who's blocked you.

As the answer above mentions, there are still a few ways to see if you've been blocked, but honestly - if you suspect that someone has blocked you on Twitter, I'd recommend just blocking them back and moving on with life.

If it really matters to you that much, just ask whether they saw your last tweet.

if they act suspicious, then you might want to ask if they've blocked you or not.

Either way though, there are plenty of cool people on Twitter, no need to worry about one user out a several millions.

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There are a few things you can do to check if someone has blocked you on Twitter:

  1. Try RT'ing them. You'll get an error message saying "We've done something wrong".
    If this keeps happening, then they've probably blocked you.
  2. Create a new profile. Compare the Tweets you can see using the new profile with the ones you can see with your old profile.
  3. Tweet at the person using the @ symbol.
    Then search for the tweet using the user's @ username. Does it show up? No? Then you've been blocked...

Getting blocked by someone on Twitter is no fun, especially if you don't know what you've done wrong.

If you suspect that someone has blocked you on Twitter, you can get your own back by engaging with mutual followers you both have - excluding them from the conversation.

Either they'll unblock you because they'll feel like they're missing out, or they'll keep ignoring you but feel bitter about all the the fun they aren't a part of.

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